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Stick with your bat if survival is a top priority.

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Atomic Punch energy drink to traverse dangerous terrain and absorb Sentry Gun fire for teammates. Listen for it!

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This can be useful for tracking down Spies. Use this to jostle cat slabesti cu dieta rina or knock them airborne.

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Aim directly at your enemies to maximize damage! Don't be afraid to use it for yourself if you need to make a push or escape! Use it to escape dangerous areas and dodge enemy fire!

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You will also be unable to call for a Medic. Use it when friendly Medics and health kits are scarce. Use them when positioning and mobility are especially important.

Be mindful of the effect radius when protecting teammates! Grenades detonate upon impact with an enemy unless they touch the ground first.

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Bombele tale lipicioase, de asemenea, distrug bombele lipicioase inamice. Place multiple groups of Stickybombs in order to defend a lot of territory.

Your Stickybombs can also destroy enemy Stickybombs! Your weapon will glow when the time is right! Try to line charges up with where an enemy will be rather than where an enemy is.

Use your Bottle if survival is a priority. Each head increases your maximum health and also gives you a speed boost! Lead your targets and aim higher in order to land successful hits.

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Use the Kritzkrieg in areas full of players instead. Energizantul Atomic.

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Atomic Punch. Watch out for the Pyro's compression blast and explosive knock back. Use the Syringe Gun when playing defensively, as the passive healing rate will provide you with an advantage. Use it when there are no health kits or other Medics nearby. Keeping multiple Medics alive will help keep the rest of the team alive, too.

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Use this to your advantage by drawing enemy fire and allowing the other classes to flank the enemy. Use this to surprise enemies around corners! Equip them with the Sandvich to quickly dispatch lunchtime attackers. A dropped Sandvich can heal a teammate similarly to a health kit. Sandviches can be replenished from health kits, but only if your current health is full.

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Carry your Shotgun with the K. Use this to save your Medic. Spy check teammates that look or act suspicious!

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Use your Shotgun or melee weapons against enemy Pyros in order to counter this. Use it to reflect incoming projectiles, put out burning teammates, or push slimming tooling voucher back! Flaming arrows can ignite the enemy and inflict additional damage.

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This includes rockets, grenades, Huntsman arrows, Jarate and more! Use it only when you need to! Help out your Engineers or clear a Control Point! The enemy team will see them said in the text chat by whomever you're disguised as. Make each shot precise and timed in order to inflict maximum damage.

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Stand still or uncloak in order to regain lost charge. Find a safe spot to sit and recharge.

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Find slimming tooling voucher safe place away from enemies to uncloak. Use this in friendly areas or with the Dead Ringer in order to hide your presence from the enemy.